Snowboard School Placement Quiz

Test your skills to see which
course level is right for you!

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Flowing Freeride Snowboard School Placement Quiz

1) When is the last time you've hit the slopes?
2) How long have you been snowboarding?
3) What's your preferred riding style?
4) When buying equipment piece-by-piece, it's best to:
5) Are you transitioning from skiing?
6) How have you learned so far?
7) Have you ever had a resort season pass?
8) In the past two years have you: (Check all that apply)
9) I can move from toe-side to heel-side edge smoothly without falling or skidding?
10) In flat terrain can you maintain speed without falling, getting stuck, or unstrapping/skating?
11) When merging onto a new trail you should always:
12) Can you comfortably ride switch or "fakey"?
13) What type of slope or trails can you comfortably ride without "catching an edge" or falling?
14) What is "goofy"?
15) What side of the mountain is the considered most dangerous?
16) Can you navigate non groomed terrain like bumps, off piste and trees?
17) Can you ride the park or the half-pipe?
18) In the park how often do you land tricks, features, or jib without crashing?
19) What type of tricks are you able to land (most of the time)? (Check all that apply)
20) Have you ever been in a snowboard competition?

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