Virtual Pro

Virtual Movement Analysis?
Video analysis is used by professional coaches and athletes everywhere because it is a powerful tool that helps you see yourself exactly as your instructor does. This means you can identify your problem areas faster, fix bad technique, gain confidence in your riding ability, and properly execute the snowboard tricks or moves you’re dying to land. Basically, VIRTUAL PRO Movement Analysis helps you show-off on the slopes…the right way.
While our snowboard training library, TAKE ME PRO, is a fantastic way to access core snowboard training with a top certified instructor… even we have to admit, nothing quite beats a personal snowboard lesson. Unfortunately, most riders don’t have a coach on the mountain watching and correcting them all the time (pssst… that’d kinda suck the fun out of riding anyway!) So, when considering the tools needed to effectively train snowboarders online, video movement analysis was a must and VIRTUAL PRO was born!

How is my Clip Analyzed?
With VIRTUAL PRO simply submit short clips of you practicing a riding technique, move, or trick. We will then analyze your movements and return your clip marked up with a review of what you did right, what needs work, and recommend drills that can help.
We have several ways to review your footage: Voiceover from your coach, drawing tools added directly to your clip highlighting specifics, & written notes to make feedback clear. If there is a lesson plan within our TAKE ME PRO Snowboard Training Library that can help with your technique we will also direct you to it.

Is the feedback professional?
Most Def! The head developer for Flowing Freeride is an AASI Level 3 certified snowboard instructor, with 16 years experience, and a prior sponsored competitor. To learn more about the coach analyzing your VIRTUAL PRO footage please visit ABOUT US.
Flowing Freeride is a new series and service, our team is located in and around Park City, Utah. We expect to provide the quickest possible turn times for your clips, and we’ll expand our team of snowboard coaches to keep that promise. Any new coaches we add to meet demand for our VIRTUAL PRO MOVEMENT ANALYSIS service will be top level certified & experienced snowboard instructors.

Virtual Pro Video Movement Analysis enables you to submit clips from your smartphone or computer to get professional feedback of your footage. This service is great on it’s own but when combined with our Take Me Pro snowboard training library you have complete, personalized, snowboard training tools you can access anywhere. Follow our pro snowboard lesson plans for your level, practice, then submit your clips for pro review of problem areas.

How to submit a Video?

  • 1- Buy VIRTUAL PRO Credits
  • 2- Log Into Your Account (Optional)
  • 3- Follow Simple Prompts
  • Yup, It’s Really That Easy.