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What Riding Styles Are Taught?
In L1 RAW & L2 RIDER courses, we focus on skill building core snowboard movements and the proper riding technique necessary for all-mountain/ free riding styles, we also start an intro to drills for advanced riding.L3 RIPPER, is for the advanced rider. It features segments on numerous styles including park & features, freestyle, off-piste, back country, heli-boarding, alpine, and an intro to understanding competitions.While this series is for recreational riders and we can’t cover everything you may see in the Olympics or X-Games, our professional snowboard lessons teach the core skills needed to enter the awesome world of advanced snowboarding.

FFR is for What Level And Ages?
Take Me Pro snowboard training library was developed for recreational snowboarders. Our snowboard training courses are great for active, healthy, adults of any age and kids ages 4-up.COURSE LEVELS
L1 RAW: A course for complete beginners with special segments for training kids and an emphasis on adult learners.L2 RIDER: Our intermediate course expands out from the basics to build balanced skill and the proper riding technique needed for advanced/dynamic snowboarding.L3 RIPPER: This advanced level is intended primarily for experienced teenage–adult advanced riders. It involves more difficult and dynamic drills and lessons.

Self-Taught Riding vs Pro Training
After 16 years of training all ages and levels I know there is a need for an online pro snowboarding series. Plenty of people, including myself, started out self-taught, learned from friends, or watched tips online. Self-taught riders do learn how to get down the mountain and can develop a cool style. However, trial-and-error riding doesn’t lead to balanced skills. Often, it reinforces bad habits and injuries that take a toll on your body and prolongs progression. I’ve seen people go for years avoiding certain techniques out of fear—ever hear of a heelside hero? The most effective way to become a confident, skilled, rider is to learn professionally.With Flowing Freeride you access the same training my clients at resorts pay top dollar to learn. That makes this series a great companion to professional lessons. But if you can’t afford lessons, it allows you access to professional training at a fraction of the cost. This means you can avoid the pitfalls and excessive injuries that occur with self taught riding.Snowboarding as a sport is maturing, even as snowboarders continue to create and push the envelope, there are core principals that have been developed. Learning to Ride-Right helps you balance skills, reduces anxiety, and speeds up your mastery time of each new skill or trick.

Take Me Pro—is a snowboard video training library, developed by an AASI Level 3 certified snowboard instructor & professional film maker. We offer 3 course levels, Raw, Rider & Ripper. Each level has a comprehensive lesson plan covering equipment, terrain, safety, weather, drills, spit (common lingo) and a text book/ companion guide download. Complete with chapter quizzes and a course final.

What Level Are You?

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Lesson Plan Segments

  • icon_text_bookYup, you get text book that summarizes your course fundamentals. Study up riders!
  • icon_terrienFrom bunny slopes, groomers, park, off-piste, backcountry, and moguls. Each course level has a terrain lesson.
  • drillsMaster core skills, dynamic moves & add tricks with drills taught step-by-step with your pro instructor.
  • equpWe talk gear, both for safety, and what set-ups to ride for your ability and interests.
  • weatherThink snow is snow? Try again. Nothing effects a day at the slopes like mother nature.
  • spitRiders have the best lingo around. We’ll make sure you speak snowboarding.
  • saftyInjuries keep you off the slopes! We’ll cover safety best-practices so you learn to Ride Right!
  • full_iconWe told you this was a real course! Pass your final to move on. Pass the course and we’ll hook you up.