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FFR core snowboard training courses are professionally developed to help you learn to Ride Right™. But hey, we like happy people, so if after starting they aren’t for you, simply let us know why within 14 days and we’ll refund you 100%

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Welcome! We've just launched Flowing Freeride Online Snowboard School Fall 2015. Our goal is to help those that love to ride progress safely by improving affordable access to certified snowboard instruction. Our promise is to provide our growing visitors and followers with a relevant, well-designed, online learning hub for snowboarders of all riding levels and styles.

Customer FAQ's

What snowboard training do you offer for free? +

We'll offer plenty of free training content through our blog and YouTube channel. We'll be releasing select sample videos from our courses and throughout the snowboard season we’ll be shooting/editing all kinds of tips and topics for free social release. If you want to stay up to date on our fresh free content you can join our email list (found in the footer of our site) or like us on Facebook.

Why would I pay for a snowboard course online... Ever heard of YouTube? +

There are a lot of ways to learn snowboarding: self taught, learn from friends, pro lessons, or other online tips/videos/articles. Many people do learn how to ride this way and can develop a cool style. However, without professional instruction, many also experience unnecessary injuries from trial and error riding or pick up bad habits by mimicking other self-taught riders.

Undoubtably, one of the best ways to practice is by learning from a certified instructor who can help you grasp the core fundamentals of how to most effectively use your body and board. So if you can afford to pay hundreds a day to learn for private lessons, our course works great as a complimentary guide to your practice. If you can’t afford one-on-one lessons, you'll still gain access to a fully certified instructor, all in re-playable video format.

Is there a free trial of your subscriber courses? +

We will soon. Once available we will promote details on how to qualify on our website. If you want to stay up to date on our a free trial you can join our email list (found in the footer of our site) or like us on Facebook.

How are FFR courses different from other online snowboard tutorials? +

Flowing Freeride courses are comprehensive, meaning we don’t only focus on isolated flashy tricks that attract attention. We offer three fully comprehensive courses, with content similar to what you’d experience if you were to take a snowboard course through the rec department at a university.

Each course is broken into sections exploring every aspect of snowboarding: equipment, terrain, safety, weather and a suite of drills. We also explore the different riding styles Freestyle, Freeride and Alpine, which means you can learn and blend techniques or specialize in your passion. Every lesson is based off of certified training defined by AASI and the career history of an instructor with 17 years of experience. Our lessons are built logically to help you progress in each new skill or trick. And each course is custom tailored to meet the needs of the complete beginner all the way to those progressing to extreme riding.

Are your courses downloadable? +

A download option is coming soon. Currently our content is available to be streamed from any device. We’re integrating a smart delivery platform that will adjust optimization according to your connection in order to deliver your video content at amazing speed.

Where can I find a full list of your snowboard course lessons? +


Before Lift Drills:
Proper Stance And Alignment
Finding Your Front Foot
About Muscle Memory
Understanding Heelside & Toeside
The Twist Drill: Balance And Static Moves
TPTP Understand How Your Board Performs
Practicing Board Performances
Steering With Feet, Hips, & Lower Body
J Turns & Stopping
Two Feet In
How To Get Up After A Fall
The Lift: Loading, Riding, & Unloading Properly
After Lift Drills:
Posture & Stance On A Slope
Stopping & Balancing
About Slide Slipping
The Falling Leaf
The Garland Drill
C-Turns—Switching Edges
Teaching Young Kids
L1 RAW Review & Tips + What’s Next

What To Wear Snowboarding
Rental Gear & Shops
Why Not Borrow
Why Rent As A Beginner
Types Of Rental Shops
Gear Gets Old
Your First Set-up: Boots, Bindings & Board Overview
Focus On Bindings
Boots For Beginners
Safety Gear Options
What To Buy First

Best Practices For New Riders
Fitness & Common Injuries
Resort Signs & Markers
Responsibility Code Basics
Ski Patrol & Finding Help
What Not To Do On A Lift

Around A Resort
Transportation & Navigating The Mountain
Your First Practice Slope
You’re Green: Elements Of A Beginner Run

Responding To The Forecast
Snow Conditions Impact Your Riding


Snowboard Technology
The Board Edge & Sidecut
About The Board Base
Understanding Camber
Gear Sizing & Compatibility
Right Sizing Your Boot & Binding
Boot Options & Lace Systems
How To Size Your Board
Demo A Board Before Buying
Options In Binding
Leash-Up…Avoid Runaway Equipment
Why Wax?
Safety Gear Options

Blue & Double Blue Runs
Groomed & Ungroomed Trails
Double Fall Lines, Steeps, & Bumps
Off Piste…Out Of The Groomers

The Snowboard Responsibility Code
Stay In Control
The Right Of Way
Do Not Obstruct
Look Up Hill And Yield
Avoiding Runaway Gear
Obey Warning Signs And Closed Areas
Lift Safety

C-Turns to S-Turns
Big, Medium & Large Size Turns / Funnel
Quick Turns
Basic Vs Dynamic Movement
Cross Over and Under
Carving 101
Navigating Steeper Slopes
Reference Alignments
Navigating Moguls & Bumpy Terrain
Types of Riding Overview
Drills For Types of Riding
Off Piste & Powder
Prepping For Park & Freestyle
Switch Or Fakie
Smart Style
Easy Style
ATML Trick Execution
Calling Your Drop In Park
L2 Rider Review + What’s Next


–Freestyle Boards
–Freeride Boards
–Recommended Backcountry Snowboarding Gear
–About Split Boards
–Alpine Riding Set-ups


–Freestyle Park Features
–Natural And Man-Made Half Pipes
–Exploring Off-Piste
–Navigating Cliffs, Trees, And Obstacles
–Why Find 30 Degree Slope Angles In Backcountry?
–Black Diamond Resort Runs
–DIY Tips To Build Your Own Snowboard Features

–Avalanche Emergency Preparedness
–When An Accident Happens
–Bullet Proof Snow 10k Ft & Above
–Safety Devices To Have
–The Lone Wolf… Riding Alone
–Park Rules Reviewed

Freestyle & Going Extreme
–Park Prerequisites Reviewed
–Flatboard Drills
–Developing ATML Part 2
–Upper Body Separation
–How To Butter
–Spins & Rotation
–How To Ollie
–Slides, Boxes, & Rails
–Kickers & Jumps
–Mid Air Grabs
–Develop Your Flips
–Riding The Half Pipe

Banana Drill & Developing Alpine Riding
How To Teach Snowboarding Professionally

About Snowboard Competitions
–Snowboard Competition Overview
–Choosing Snowboard Competition Events
–Finding Snowboard Competition Sponsors & Teams

Steeps, Blacks, & Backcountry
–Advanced Fore & Aft Movement
–Active & Passive Absorption
–Dynamic Flex And Extension
–Closing Your Turns Body Alignment
–Build Rhythm For Dynamic Moves
–Advance To Dynamic Cross-under Moves
–Snake Into Reverb Turns & Dynamic Carves
–NASTAR Race Courses To Practice Obstacles
–Self Arrest Stops For High Speed Falls
–Cliff Jumps
–Chutes, Couloirs, And Narrow Passages
–Test Your Skills With Backcountry Riding
–About Heli-Boarding (Skiing)


Are there diff versions of your course for goofy and regular? +

In our early lessons we discuss methods to find and test your power foot. From there our progressions are taught similar to on mountain lessons, you’ll be taught to understand how to use and adjust drills to your stance with an emphasis on building switch/fakie stance.

Can FFR teach me to be a professional snowboarder? +

Flowing Freeride is built for recreational riders. With that said, in L3 Ripper, we provide lessons in competing, sponsorship, and how to become a certified instructor, which will help  those wanting to move into professional aspects of the sport.

After submitting a clip how long does it take to get a Virtual Pro feedback? +

As early as 4-6 hours or up to 48 hours depending on the volume of requests.

How can I get live real-time or in-person coaching? +

If you want one-on-one coaching above and beyond our Virtual Pro movement analysis service, contact us direct for more information:

Do any other pro snowboard instructors/coaches work with FFR? +

Flowing Freeride is a passion project co-founded by Blake Clark AASI Fully Certified Instructor and a small group of friends and family with complimentary professional backgrounds.  Now that we’ve fully launched, we’re focusing on expanding our network to include other affiliated snowboard instructors and coaches. We will introduce these professionals and describe their contributions to our team in the near future.

What are your 100% money back guarantee terms? +

We’re a small family company passionate about snowboarding. We believe our courses provide an immensely valuable option for those looking to access professional snowboard instruction. However, if after reviewing, you believe your snowboard course with us can not be a useful part of your riding practice please let us know within 14 days and we will offer you a full refund.

Where can I find your terms of service and privacy policy? +

Our terms of service and privacy policy are currently provided on

Collaborator FAQ's

Are you hiring snowboarders or other professionals? +

We are currently interested in certified professional snowboard instructors, coaches, examiners or other snow pros. If you’re qualified and interested contact us directly to learn about opportunities:

I ride! How can I be involved or highlighted by FFR? +

We’re developing several ways to highlight amazing riders. If you’re interested please submit a clip of your riding and a short description of who you are at

I’m a media pro or blogger... Can I collaborate or interview members of your team? +

Certainly! We’re looking to build relationships with guest bloggers, featured riders, and are open to collaborating on interviews or other content. If you’d like to feature Blake or inquire more about our team and company contact us at

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